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National Oilwell Varco

Since 1841, National Oilwell Varco (NOV) has been dedicated to ensuring customers receive the highest quality oilfield products and services.

PT. LERINDRO INTERNASIONAL (PTLI) is proud to be NOV sole agent for Indonesia for their PRODUCTION SOLUTIONS – MISSION PRODUCTS. PTLI first represent the company (used to be Wheatley Pump) and the company has since evolved for the last 3 decades until it finally acquired by National Oilwell Varco.

NOV MISSION PRODUCTS offered by PT. LERINDRO INTERNASIONAL includes the following:

  1. National-Oilwell Reciprocating Plunger Pumps
  2. Wheatley-Gaso Reciprocating Pumps
  3. Omega Reciprocating Pumps
  4. Bear Reciprocating Pumps
  5. National Oilwell Varco Multistage Surface Centrifugal Pumps (MSP)
  6. National Oilwell Varco Wellheads and Christmas Trees
  7. National-Oilwell Varco Production Chokes and Valves and previously known under the Varco Best Flow Products trade name.
    1. National-Oilwell Varco Choke valves, Severe Erosive
    2. National-Oilwell Varco Choke valves, for Wellhead, Cage Type
    3. National-Oilwell Varco Choke valves, Depressure / Drain
    4. National-Oilwell Varco Choke valves, for Wellhead API 6A
    5. National-Oilwell Varco Choke valves, positive
    6. National-Oilwell Varco Gate valves, for Wellhead API 6A
  8. Parts for all the aforementioned products
  9. Oil & Gas Production Equipment under the tradenames of Merpro and Petrex including but not limited to:
    1. Production Manifolds
    2. Pig receivers
    3. Oil and Gas Separation including:
      • Slug Catchers
      • Free water knock out
      • First and second stage separators
      • Two and three phase separators
      • High and low pressure separators
      • Test separators
    4. Oil Treatment and Transfers
      • Heater treaters
      • Electrostatic Coalescers
    5. Gas Treatment
      • Gas scrubbers
      • Gas dehydration
      • Compact gas de-liquidizer
      • Glycol regeneration
    6. Sand Handling
      • Online vessel desanding
      • Sand cleaning
      • Slurry pressure reduction
      • Wellhead desanding
      • Fine filtration
      • Solids bagging
    7. Produced Water
      • Deoiling hydrocyclones
      • Degassing / floatation
      • Compact Oil / Water separators (waterwet wells)
      • Desanding
      • Fine filtration
      • Chemical Injection pumps
    8. Seawater Treatment
      • Coarse and fine filtration
      • De-oxygenation
    9. Disposal Caisson / Sump Pile (Petro-Pile)
  10. Well Test Equipment
    1. Well Test Manifolds
    2. Separation
    3. Two / three / four phase separators (Four phase well test separators with integral solids removal)
    4. Solids Handling
  • Sand filters
  • Cyclone desanders
  1. Site Facility Maintenance
    1. Storage tank desludging
    2. Disposal pit reclamation
  2. MerproCare – Support Sevices
    1. Commissioning and Installation
    2. Equipment Installation
    3. Final Commissioning
    4. On-going Monitoring, Operation and Maintenance
    5. Process and Commissioning Team available for Onshore / Offshore Support
    6. Onshore Engineering Support
    7. Process Support
    8. Separators
    9. Sand Handling – Upstream and Downstream of choke
    10. Produced Water Treatment
    11. Gas Treatment
    12. Engineering Consultancy
    13. Feed studies
    14. Process Optimisation