PT. Lerindro Internasional

About Us


Established on August 25th 1981, PT Lerindro Internasional (“PT Lerindro”) has played an integral role supporting oil and gas companies operating in Indonesia for more than three decades. We are fully licensed to market services and equipments for our principals whose products include tools and services for drilling and production activities in onshore and offshore locations, both for down-hole and surface facilities.
Being in the service industry, we realize that the primary source of competitive advantage is the implementation of effective people and intensive strategies. Through effective management of our human resources optimally aligned with our business strategies, we are able to achieve excellence whilst attaining the proper balance between satisfying the expectations of customers, principals, and stakeholders.
We believe that the welfare of our employees is the foundation of commitment, loyalty and performance quality. As such, our efforts were concurrent with major improvement in the quality of life of our human resources.
Uncertainty in the economic environment, weakening socio-political stability, not to mention the mergers and acquisitions rampant among our principals did not hinder the growth of our business. Our ability to overcome such difficulties is due to strong teamwork, great focus on professionalism, and strong commitment from the management to improve the company’s operation. Cost control and reduction efforts, sound investment, and expansion of our network beyond the oil and gas sector have all contributed towards our success.


Our vision:
To be recognized as the representative or agent providing professional and value added service to the principals represented, the customers, and stakeholders.
Our mission:
To be the business partner trusted to proactively and effectively assist our principals and customers through extensive network and deployment of highly qualified effective and professional human resource
Our values:
-High integrity and ethics is an essential foundation for conducting business
-Team work is an important drive for success
-Compliance to legal, regulatory and safety requirements is a necessary framework to secure long-term sustainability
-Employees are the company’s most valuable asset determining the pace of growth
-Continuous improvement is a necessary practice underlying excellence

Our resources:

Our Sales Team
We recognize that in a service industry such as the one we are in, close customer contact and timely feedback is an important and determining factor towards success. Therefore, our internal sales force is based not only at our head office in Jakarta but also at our branch offices in Balikpapan (East Kalimantan) and Pekanbaru (Riau).
PT Lerindro’s branches are located in provinces that cover the majority of oil producing regions in Indonesia. We have long established our branch network in areas beyond Jakarta in the effort to attain greater market coverage and intensify market penetration. Its presence enables us to face the anticipated hurdles resulting from the new government regulation initiated in 2001 regarding decentralization of investment and fiscal authority.
In line with our marketing intensification efforts, PT Lerindro has formed strategic partnerships with companies of various classifications. We believe that this is a necessary step to facilitate entrance into the respective potential market, access of pertinent market information, as well as greater coverage of the market base.
Our Facilities
To accommodate the operation requirements of the business, PT Lerindro has established warehousing and workshop facilities associated with our product line. We have set up workshops in Jakarta, Balikpapan, and Duri (Riau).
Jakarta workshop is located on Jl. Raya Kodau, Jatimakmur, Pondok Gede, Bekasi, providing easy access and mobility.
Duri workshop is located on Jl. Raya Duri-Dumai KM 125, DSF Balai Makam. The facility is approximately 1000sqm situated on a loand area of 5000sqm. It is set up to enable customers to access on-site service for owned and/or operated equipments. Although focusing on products originating from PT Lerindro’s principals, the workshop is also qualified to service and repair products from other manufacturers.